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This is true of you…

Came across this positive message for everyone today and wanted to re-blog. STOP the thoughts about how you should QUIT and begin to START. Advertisements

Jim Rohn-Nuggets of Wisdom

  This morning I decided to clean out one of my old briefcases and discard it. I came across a small pamphlet that one of my former students had given to me. This student is a broadcaster for NBC and is a powerful motivational speaker along with being an award-winning sportscaster. The booklet was excerpts […]

Feb 25-Bud Light Platinum

Bud Light Platinum comes in a very impressive blue bottle but beyond that there is nothing very impressive about this beer. What did amaze me is that over 7.2 million cases of this InBev- Anheuser Busch product was sold last year. It does contain 6.0% alcohol but the tasteless impression makes you wonder if this beer is platinum what […]

Feb 24-Third Shift

Today’s selection comes from the Adolph Coors Family and is called Third Shift. It is an amber lager that appears to be trying to catch on to growing popularity in the USA with amber lagers. Unfortunately for Coors I am not so sure this is going to do it for them. The beer is 5.3% […]

Feb 23-Mighty Arrow

Was able to find a Pale Ale from New Belgium Brewery which is located in Fort Collins, Colorado. Found that beer tonight as a single in our local grocery store, Lowe’s Foods. It is called Mighty Arrow and it is 6.0% alcohol and has a great hoppy flavor with a hint of fruit. I would […]

Darryl Oates-Live from Daryl’s House

I am someone who early in life seemed to listen to most of my music from the radio. In the late 1970’s and 1980’s you could not turn on the radio in America without hearing a Hall and Oates Song. Their list of #1 Billboard hits included: She’s Gone, Rich Girl, Kiss is on My […]

Feb 22-Copperline Ale

I have great friends some who are neighbors. Tonight worried that my streak of drinking a new beer each day in 2014 would be snapped my neighbors surprised me. One of my neighbors- is a professional mime. I know some of you live in neat places and neighborhoods but my neighbor is a mime, I refused […]

The Four Doors by Richard Paul Evans

Just got done reading a book called The Four Doors by Richard Paul Evans. The author also wrote The Christmas Box. He also shares a life as a child growing up with Tourette’s Syndrome and abandonment by his mother. He did not get diagnosed with Tourette’s until he was 41 years old. That part of […]

Feb 21-Coors Light

I am not on a good streak. I went to my beer fridge to find something I have not had in 2014 and all I had was a Coors Light.  I often go look at websites to see what they have to add about the beers I have chosen. I have mentioned two of them […]

Feb 20-Dirty Blonde

Atwater Brewing Company in Detroit Michigan has a beer called Dirty Blonde that I tried. I cannot recommend this beer-it is just okay. The label is cool but the beer is just not that good.  

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