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Do you major in “mediocre”?

Originally posted on WOW Service Mentor Insights:
Years ago when listening to a Tony Robbins lecture on tape I heard him say something that struck a chord: Most people fail in life because they major in minor things. This may seem harsh to some, but it does make a good point – it’s easy to…

March 24- Wildflower Witbier

Had a beer brewed in Greensboro, North Carolina by Natty Greene’s Brewing Co called Wildflower Witbier. This beer has the taste of wheat and yeast which is not my favorite combo. Very solid beer and if you like the wheat style of ales you should try.

Bill Walsh-Influencing Leaders

When and how do you really START becoming a leader? John Maxwell writes in one of his books that he often surveys participants in his leadership seminars about that question and he basically gets three responses. 1. 10% of those surveyed stated that it was a natural gift and they have always been a leader. […]

March 23-Piels

Growing up in Northern NJ Piels Real Draft was my dad’s favorite beer and I am sure the price point had something to do with it. I was kinda surprised when a friend from Philly had one in his fridge. I drank the Piels for the nostalgia not the taste. Piels used to be owned by Pabst but is now […]

March 22-Torpedo IPA

I really liked this IPA brewed by Sierra Nevada Brewing Company. Torpedo is fully of hoppy flavor and contains 7.2% alcohol. As March 2014 comes to a close I can add another excellent beer to my list. If you get a chance drink this beer. According to Sierra Nevada’s website this is a year round […]

March 21-Rounder Belgian Style Pale Ale

As I attempt to drink 365 beers this year my challenge is starting to be availability of beers in my hometown. Today marks the 80th day of the year so it appears i will need to begin to hoard different beers when I find them. I came across a Blue Moon Brewer product called Rounder. […]

March 20-Tank 7 – Farmhouse Ale

Wow what a surprise. Walked into our local downtown restaurant/bar Candy Sue’s Downtown and asked one of the owners what unique beers he might have that I have never tried. Well he pulled out a Tank 7 Farmhouse Ale that I had never tried. Really a great beer with an alcohol content of 8.1%. Brewed in […]

Henry Ford failed to START changes to the MODEL T

Almost everyone knows that Henry Ford was a leader that had a vision that automobiles could be mass produced and become affordable to a large number of Americans. In 1903 Henry Ford co-founded the Ford Motor Company with that the dream of mass produced cars would be accomplished as the company goal.  Ford went thru […]

March 19-Ticket to Rye

Back to a Magic Hat beer Ticket to Rye. Great beer and packs a punch at 7.1% alcohol. Magic Hat is out of Vermont and brews some good beers. Ticket to Rye is a Rye IPA Www

My Starting 5

In the game of basketball as the head coach you have to identify five players to begin the game. They are known as the “Starting Five”. You do this by marking their number in the score book ten minutes before the game begins. I have seen some strange starting line-up combinations during my career. Opposing coaches in games against my teams […]

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