Monthly Archives: August 2014

August 31-Essential Pale Ale

Back in January I had a Virginia beer from Port City Brewing out of Alexandria VA called Monumental IPA. I have been on the lookout for another Port City Brewing beer and I found another one. Today’s beer is Essential Pale Ale which is 5.5% ABV. I think this American Pale Ale is a solid […]


August 30-Prima Pils

Decided to keep the philosophy of selecting beers from brewers that I have enjoyed in 2014. Today I went back to Victory Brewing out of Downington, PA. The beer of the day is Prima Pils and this Pennsylvania beer didn’t disappoint. This pilsner has a great hop flavor and is rated excellent by Rate Beer. […]

August 29-Ellies Brown Ale

  The start of Labor Day weekend and I want to select a good to very good beer to kick-off the holiday. I focused on brewers I have enjoyed and went with Avery Brewing. The Colorado beer I selected was Ellies Brown Ale. Avery Brewing is located in Boulder, CO. This beer is rated very […]

August 28-Stone Saison

Have had some beers the past week that I relagated to the “One and Done” club. I decided to go to a reliable brewer; Stone Brewing. I selected their Saison. Stone in 2011 brought 19 acres of Southern California farmland to grow fruits, vegetables, and herbs for their Stone Brewing Restaurants. Those products also are […]

August 27-Bohemian National-Joe Butler

As I approach the 8 month mark of my quest to drink 365 unique beers in 2014 I have to continue to rely on the spontaneous gift my friends bestow on me. Tonight my friend Joe Butler has gifted me with Bohemian National a pale lager containing 4.5 % ABV. This beer is  brewed by […]

August 26-Lava Lake Wit

Have been on a streak of sampling beers from new breweries. Tonight the streak stays alive as I found a Colorado Beer from Crazy Mountain Brewery called Lava Lake Wit. The beer pours a hazy bright gold color and has a crisp, tart, and refreshing taste. The beer is ranked fair to good by Rate […]

August 25-Laughing Skull & Steven Bourquin

Neat thing about working at a university is young people. Their energy and infatuation with new fads, trends, and hip activities will keep you smiling. Tonight I participated in the world wide phenomena known as the ALS “Ice Bucket Challenge”. I was challenged by our Football Coach and Chair of the Math Department-Dr. Steven Bourquin […]

August 24-Isaac

I have not had good luck this year with Italian Beers. I am not giving up so I grabbed a beer from Le Baladin brewer from Piozzo, Italy. My choice today is a witbier called Isaac and the witbier was a surprise from an Italian brewer. The beer comes in a neat little bottle which […]

August 23-Dam Lager

Excited to discover a beer from a Brewery I didn’t even knew existed. My beer choice is Dam Lager from Sunken City Brewery. This brewery is located in Hardy, VA which is in Southwest Virginia near Smith Lake. The Virginia Beer I have selected is the brewery first beer and it was unveiled in 2010. […]

August 22-Golden Monkey

Been a very hectic week with a large tree falling in our yard, a dog biting one of my sons, numerous ice bucket challenges that I will address on Monday, the start of new academic year at my university, and all workplace challenges a new year brings with it. On top of that we have […]

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