A friend of a friend-Cathy Stanley and Bonnie Biggs -January 2

One thing I have learned is that good friends have other good friends. This is a series of stories about “friends of my friends”. The post below is the story for January 2, 2015.

Bonnie Biggs and her husband Kenny are my fantastic next door neighbors. They have a beautiful daughter named Chelsea. Chelsea’s godmother is a great friend of Bonnie and her name is Cathy Lewis Stanley. Cathy and Bonnie share a lot in common not the least of is their shared passion for collectibles.

Cathy currently lives in Wilmington but grew up in Lumberton, NC.  Her family owned Lewis Veterinary in Lumberton, NC.

The Friend-BONNIE BIGGS-is depicted below. We were both attending a roaring 20’s party this past spring.

Bonnie and Dan

The Friend of the Friend-CATHY LEWIS STANLEY

Bonnie story on Cathy Stanley and her eccentric neighbor

What makes Cathy special is that she is fierce in her convictions. She possesses a strong sentiment for family traditions. She also has a strong appreciation for collecting just like me. I knew that if anything ever happened to me that Cathy would be the right person to serve as my daughter Chelsea’s godmother. I also felt confident that she would ensure my collectibles would get to Chelsea in great condition.

Cathy has a great collection of vintage toys and is an avid reader with a great book collection. Currently she lives in downtown Wilmington and I have one story about her that is hilarious.

In her neighborhood there was a women that Cathy lived next door that was totally eccentric and out of touch. Cathy had only observed her behavior never really interacting with her in any depth. Her neighbor’s fashion statements were enough to give her the eccentric label.  She often would be outside with a nightgown that left little to the imagination.

One afternoon Cathy would come to know her eccentric neighbor in a way that nobody should experience.  Cathy ran to her Wilmington front door when she heard her doorbell ring and encountered her neighbor in sheer nighty. She had never been inside Cathy’s home and wanted a tour. Cathy let her neighbor in and in a matter of minutes knew her neighbor in the sheer nightgown was smashed.

She called a friend who told her to call 911 immediately. While she was calling 911 the neighbor asked if she could use the bathroom. Cathy said yes and went outside to wait for the ambulance.

When the ambulance arrived Cathy showed the paramedics inside and they attended to the intoxicated lingerie model. They needed to get her to detox immediately. While being attended by medical staff the neighbor kept saying she could not find Cathy’s bathroom. The medics got her on the gurney and away they went.

Cathy went back into her house relived the ordeal was over. The fact was the ordeal wasn’t over for Cathy the collector. As she made her way into her den it didn’t take her long to realize that object on her floor was not a collectible. In fact what was on the middle of her floor was a number two bomb.  A big stinky turd sat right in the middle on her den floor compliments of the neighbor who apparently told the truth when she stated she could not find the bathroom.

Cathy in shock immediately called me and we both laughed hysterically on how anyone could do such a thing. Cathy and her husband went thru all the cleaner and detergent Wilmington had for sale to get that object removed but the memory and laughs still live on.

Cathy is a great friend and I am thankfully her neighbor has moved on.



  1. Jeff neelon · · Reply

    I’m beginning to wonder about your friends
    Good one Bonnie

  2. […] Earlier this week I attended the visitation of Carol Newton who was the mother to my next door neighbor Bonnie Biggs. I wrote about Bonnie in an earlier post this year. https://coach4aday.wordpress.com/2015/01/02/a-friend-of-a-friend-bonnie-biggs-and-cathy-stanley-janu… […]

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