A friend of a friend-Dick Pisano and Howard Dean-January 25

One thing I have learned is that good friends have other good friends. This is a series of stories about friends of my friends.  The post below is the story on a friend of a friend for January 25, 2015.

Well it is Super Bowl Week 2015 and all anybody wants to talk about is Pounds Square Inch (PSI) and deflated footballs. I am tired of hearing about the New England Patriots drama.

I have been told a story about two men who attended the 1989 Super Bowl at Joe Robbie Stadium with a group of 6 friends. This story doesn’t involve PSI and hopefully will not deflate anyone who reads it.

The 1989 Super Bowl XXIII featured NFC champion San Francisco winning its third Super Bowl of the 1980s by defeating AFC champion Cincinnati 20-16.  The 49ers, who also won Super Bowls XVI and XIX, became the first NFC team to win three Super Bowls at that time. Suoer Bowl XXIII

A group of six golfing buddies and work colleagues from UNC Pembroke attended that 1989 game and came back with a story for the ages. This is a complicated story with all 6 people involved but I am going to focus on Howard Dean and his friend from UNC Pembroke Richard Pisano. Howard Dean is a legend at UNC Pembroke for all the amazing roles and accomplishments he has had.

Howard came to UNCP in 1960 after he had just completed his Master’s Degree from East Carolina. He came to Pembroke as an assistant basketball coach under Dick Lauffler. Lauffler left Pembroke in 1963 land Howard became the coach and the Athletic Director.

In 1965 he left Pembroke to become a principal of an elementary school in Cumberland County but he came back in 1968 to head up the Student Teaching. In 1969 he went off to get his Ph.D from West Virginia University and came back to Pembroke as Vice-Chancellor for Academic Affairs.

Howard is still at fixture at UNCP Basketball Games with his wife Sylvia. He has two fabulous sons Kent and Steve and still lives in Hope Mills NC. Howard was inducted into the UNCP Hall of Fame in 2002.

There is great story on Howard Dean at the link below:


Howard was close friends with a number of people at Pembroke including the Vice Chancellor of Advancement Dr. Richard “Dick” Pisano. Dick Pisano came to Pembroke in 1967 as associate dean of Academic Affairs, director of summer school and a member of the Music Department faculty. Eventually Dick became the primary fundraiser for UNC Pembroke, Dr. Pisano led the first Annual Giving Campaign in 1982 and the successful Centennial Campaign in 1987 that was the University’s first successful $1 million campaign. Some of the major milestones that Dr. Pisano was instrumental in accomplishing included the establishment of the University’s television program, College Opportunity Program, and UNCP Honors Program.

In his early years before arriving at UNCP, Dr. Pisano was a jazz pianist and played with touring bands. He earned a Bachelor of Science degree in music education from the State University of New York at Potsdam, a Master of Education degree in music composition from Florida State University and an Ed.D. from Columbia University.

Dr. Pisano retired in 1992 with 26 years of service. He died on October 16, 2009 at the age of 81.

The Friend-HOWARD DEAN-Howard in middle with (l-r) John Haskins and Dan Kenney UNCP celebrates donors at the Chancellor's Club Barbecue on Friday, October 18th, 2013. Chancellor's_Club_BBQ_0046.JPGThe Friend of the Friend-RICHARD PISANO richard_pisano

Howard’s Story on their trip to the 1989 Super Bowl with no bathroom break.

A group of us Bill Mason, Ray Pennington, Lacey Gane, JK Pringle, Dick Pisano, and myself got tickets to the Super Bowl in Miami in 1989. The game was going to be played at Joe Robbie Stadium and we decided to go and make a weekend of it. Our group loved to have fun and the game was going to be secondary to everything else that weekend but we were definitely going to the game.

We left North Carolina on Friday morning all 6 of us traveling in one van. We found some hotel rooms some distance from Joe Robbie Stadium and had a great weekend playing golf and trying to spot Super Bowl celebrities.

When Sunday rolled around we had the van loaded up with our tailgating supplies and we headed off to the game. We made a tactical error in leaving our hotel 2.5 hours before game time for a 45 minute commute. The traffic going into Joe Robbie was gridlock. We mostly sat in traffic inching along.

Joe Robbie Stadium

That was not a good thing for men in their late 50’s and early 60’s as it pertains to the bladder. JK Pringle had the van well stocked with beverages and eventually the rented beer we were drinking needed to be returned somewhere.

Well Dick Pisano starts saying he really has to pee. Everyone is the van is telling him to hold it or go in the van. There is no way we are getting off the highway to look for a bathroom because we will never make kickoff for Superbowl XXIII.

Dick continued to insist he had to go when JK told him to wiz in an empty jar he had in the van. Dick asked him if he was joking and JK said we are not stopping. If you have to wiz do in in the jar.

Well Dick really had to go so he starts multi tasking by holding the jar in one hand and his johnson in the other. At the moment Dick is in mid-stream JK sees an opening in the adjacent lane and guns the van to make a lane change. That sudden movement with the lane change did not go well with Dick’s plan to neatly remove his bladder. The jar has spilled all over his hands and he is furious. He is screaming at JK to pull over so he can wipe his hands off in the grass.

JK relents and pulls the van on the grass shoulder. Dick jumps out of the van pours out his specimen and bends over to wipe his hands clean in the grass. Dick’s luck only got worse when he rubbed his hands in a particular patch of grass that concealed a dog turd. Now he had the daily double of hygiene trouble. He had his own urine and dog feces all over his hands. He frantically wiped his hands in another patch of grass while we were laughing hysterically at the irony of all of this.

He was concerned about piss on his hands and got into some deeper shit.

Dick kept his hands to himself until we got to the stadium and we found him a washroom.



  1. Jeff Neelon · · Reply

    Went to a party with Jim Damerpn tonight and he was still laughing about Boogie. He is Jamiie McVay’s uncle and and friend of Bill Hussey

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    1. Jeff:

      Is Jamie still living in Upstate of SC?

      On Saturday, January 24, 2015, coach4aday wrote:


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