A friend of a Friend-Eric Dent and Amy Dent-March 9

One thing I have learned is that good friends have other good friends. This is a series of stories about “friends of my friends”. The post below is the story for March 9, 2015.

My goal in 2015 is to learn or get re-acquainted with 365 people and doing a daily post on the “the friend of a friend” is helping me get closer to my goal.

I normally don’t try to feature in my post two people I really consider good friends but a dinner last night changed my thinking.

We went to the Lumberton, NC home of Eric and Amy Dent to have dinner to celebrate Steven Bourquin’s birthday which was earlier in the week. Last week Steven’s fiancée Stephanie Crandon threw a surprise party but the Dent’s could not attend. They wanted to have something for him so we had a Sunday Dinner at their house. The guest list included Steven and Stephanie, Amy and Eric, my wife and I, and Tony & Tina Jenkins. Also invited were Tito and Terri Massol but Terri got sick and they had to cancel. In planning the dinner Eric had asked me at some point in the meal to get everyone to reflect in some way on Steven’s impact to each of us. More on that later.

Amy Dent is a super wife, super mom, super friend, and community advocate. She is the mom to five children who all are very talented and brilliant. The Dent’s moved to Lumberton in 2003 when her husband Eric became the Dean of the School of Business. We had five children and the Dent’s had five kids. We had a lot in common and fast became friends with them. As friends we especially so traditions with them including having them over to watch the Lumberton Christmas Parade from our front yard to cooking deep-fried turkeys on Thanksgiving morning. Amy’s husband Eric has gone from being my deep-frying apprentice to head cook.

Another way that Amy and my wife connected was their ability to run the household in the absence of their husbands. Eric along with being a professor also is a talented Leadership Coach. That often takes him out-of-town to work with clients and businesses. In my previous work life as a college coach I just was never home during much of the year. Amy and my wife Mira epitomize what women can do.

It is this role of being in charge of the household that had all of us in stitches last night. Part of those home owner responsibilities include taking care of their apartment that sits over their 3 car garage. Their tenant is Steven Bourquin. Steven teaches at UNC Pembroke and lives in that apartment during the week. On the weekends he retreats to his oceanfront condo in Myrtle Beach, SC. In 2007 Steven moved into the apartment he has become part of the Dent family and considers Eric one of his best friends.

Amy will tell you that she loves her best friend and husband Eric Dent but sometimes when he is away she has been involved in some funny stuff and some serious household issues to resolve.

One of the rare times when Amy was away and left Eric in charge things went very wrong in the area of personal grooming when Steven Bourquin came over and offered advice.

The Friend-AMY DENT

Amy Dent

The Friend of the Friend-ERIC DENT with a little assistance from Steven Bourquin

(l-r) Amy Dent, Eric Dent, and Steven Bourquin

Amy Eric and Steve

Toilets, Sinks, Tenants with the Gout, Just for Men, and 25th Anniversaries

Last night at the dinner I did what Eric asked and got everyone started by reflecting on stories that involved Steven and each of us. Well I had no idea that Amy and Eric would have a story each I just could not resist sharing.

Amy First

About 6 months ago Eric Dent had to be out-of-town for a conference. He left Lumberton, NC with peace and tranquility in his world. While he was gone his wife Amy dealt with chaos in her normally super wife status.

When Eric left home he noticed that his friend Steven Bourquin was on crutches suffering from tremendous foot pain from gout like symptoms. He could not place any weight on the affected foot. Eric drove off from his house hoping with rest and medication his friend would get better.

Eric’s hopes and prayers didn’t come to fruition soon enough. The next morning Steven woke up with a gastrointestinal calling to use the toilet. He hobbled to the bathroom on one foot and finished his morning constitutional. After a flush the toilet started overflowing. Steven had experienced minor problems with toilet flushing and on one leg grabbed the plunger. Well trying to balance on one foot to avoid intense pain that occurred when he put any pressure on the affected foot proved to be a more athletically challenging than he expected. With the water rising to the rim of toilet bowl he knew he needed to get some leverage to get the toilet to flush. So balanced on one leg, with his right hand grasping the plunger, he took his left hand and pushed down on the porcelain wall mounted sink.  Well the combination of all those physical forces caused the sink to break into a hundred small sharp jagged pieces.

Simultaneously the water in the toilet with all of the recent morning activity floating on the surface started to spill all over the floor. Steven being a Ph.D was of course barefooted and began throwing every towel he could find on floor. The situation was so desperate that even his beloved Ohio State Beach Towels went on the floor to help him with his escape route.

If the sink busting and the toilet leaking fecal infused water weren’t bad enough he now had to muster the courage to go tell Amy Dent his friend and landlord about the disaster. Amy was a real trooper and got a hold of a plumber and before Eric got home the mess was cleaned up, a new sink was installed, and the problem was identified as a tree trunk. That is another story.

Eric’s Story

Eric was being left in charge of the children in 2011. Amy went off to assist her sister in Cary, NC for a few days during a move. While she was gone her husband Eric listened to some personal grooming advice from Steven Bourquin on the eve of their 25th Anniversary Celebration which was a few days away.

Steven convinced Eric that he should completely shave his head bald and grow a goatee. Steven talked to him about how that look would have him appear more sophisticated. Well Eric agreed and Steven brought out all of his hair cutting tools including the razor. He shaved Eric completely bald and got him to start working on his goatee while Amy was gone. The day before she got home Eric had a goatee but Steven thought it was too gray.

Eric’s shaved bald and goatee before the “Just for Men” dye job.

Eric Goateebald goatee

Off to the store Steven Bourquin went to get “Just for Men” beard and mustache kit. Well he might of mixed the degree of blackness a little on the heavy side.

Just for Men

Amy came home and Eric was bald and had a goatee that looked like it had been colored with a black magic marker. Prior to the renewal of their vows to celebrate their 25th anniversary the goatee was shaved off and Steven Bourquin was put on probation for issuing any grooming advice to any of the Dent’s.



  1. Jeff Neelon · · Reply

    That’s what I’m talking about More bathroom stories !!

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    1. If you could have only been there last night. There is more to the story but I have a day job just hit the highlights.

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