A friend of a friend -Linda Rooney-Beth Terranova – June 25

One thing I have learned is that good friends have other good friends. This is a series of stories about “friends of my friends”. The post below is the story for June 25, 2015.

My goal in 2015 is to learn or get re-acquainted with 365 people and doing a daily post on the “the friend of a friend” is helping me get closer to my goal.

Summer time is here and that means I get to hear about vacations, trips, reunions, weddings, and gatherings that a number of my friends are experiencing this summer. One family that is on vacation this week is the Joe Terranova Family. I did a post back on March 2nd about Joe and the link is below:


Joe family includes his beautiful wife Beth and three daughters. Beth like me claims New Jersey as the place she grew up. Beth attended Boonton High School and I went to Morristown HS. Each of these high schools is located in Morris County NJ.

The Terranova vacation included a stop in New Jersey to see family and stops in New England. I am quite sure when I get a chance to get caught up with them I am going to hear about Boston Red Sox Baseball, the quaintness of Rhode Island, the pizza and Italian cooking they had in Northern NJ, and the traffic they encountered. The vacation also included getting to celebrate Beth’s mom Linda Rooney’s 70th birthday.

Beth and husband Joe visiting Cheer’s in Boston, MA


Beth went to college at Montclair State in NJ and eventually met Joe her future husband. Beth’s maiden name is Rooney and as you might guess her heritage is on the Irish side. Joe of course is Italian and moved to the United States when he was 15. The two cultures are quite prevalent in Northern NJ so having the Italian and Irish marry is not uncommon.

Joe Terranova has been working for  Rempac since 1992 where he started as a shipping clerk .Shipping clerk is code for loading trucks and Joe did a lot of that in Clifton NJ. Joe’s work ethic and loyalty lead him to progress in the company to eventually he was promoted to a buyer. Then in 2006 he was given the opportunity to be transferred to Lumberton NC to work in the Rempac facility located there. In 2006 Beth Terranova along with her husband Joe arrived in North Carolina with her three daughters Brittany, Brianna, and Brooke.

Terranova Family II

Beth currently works for the Public Schools of Robeson County at Rowland Norment School. She stays involved with the variety of activities that her three daughters are involved with. She gets to see her share of soccer games, golf matches, cheer competitions, and youth activities at church.

The Terranova’s are very family oriented and love to be around their friends. They are generous with opening up their home to friends and when you go to their house you might experience some first time things. Beth Terranova brought back from one of her trips to New Jersey a game that quite frankly none of her Lumberton Friends had ever seen before called Kan Jam. I don’t know if Beth is really good or not at the game but the one time I saw her play she was the champ. Functions at the Terranova house also usually involve some type of competition.

Kan JamCan Jam Champ Beth

Part of this recent family vacation to NJ and New England was to celebrate Beth’s mom Linda Rooney 70th Birthday.


Joe and Beth

The Friend of the Friend – LINDA ROONEY

Linda Rooney

Mom and Daughter

There is good reason the Terranova family is so close and have many of their activities centered around their children. Beth Rooney Terranova was close to her family growing up and that core value has been transferred to her own children. I have gotten to see first hand how Beth and her mom relate to each other. Linda Rooney has been to visit her daughter and three granddaughters in Lumberton and I have met her in church.

Some emotions don’t have to be spoken to be understood. I have witnessed a range of emotions from Beth’s mom when she is in church with the Terranova’s. I have seen the love and admiration a grandmother has for her grandchildren. I have also witnessed the pain a mother and daughter experience when they lose their husband and father. After Beth moved to North Carolina her dad Tom Rooney began a battle with cancer and passed away on November 23, 2010. I didn’t really know Beth that well in 2010 but I knew the holiday of 2010 were tough on her. Subsequent visits to North Carolina in 2011 and beyond I realized how much that Tom Rooney meant to both Beth and her mom Linda.

Photo below of Beth and her dad Tom Rooney

Beth and Tom Rooney

Not all family emotions are painful. I can’t wait to hear about Linda Rooney’s 70th birthday party when I get to see Beth next. Vacations are about forming memories and creating experiences that you will never forget. This week Linda got to be around her family as they celebrated her birthday.

Linda Rooney Family

I am glad that Beth Terranova and her family allow my family to create memories and share experiences when we get a chance to be around them.


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