A friend of a friend-Lionel Kendrick-Henry Ferrell-July 23

One thing I have learned is that good friends have other good friends. This is a series of stories about “friends of my friends”. The post below is the story for July 23, 2015.

My goal in 2015 is to learn or get re-acquainted with 365 people and doing a daily post on the “the friend of a friend” is helping me get closer to my goal.

The past few days I have been working very closely with our new chancellor in arranging meetings with many individuals in academic affairs. It made me reflect on the college professors I had. It also reminded me that my youngest son will be leaving for East Carolina University in less than a month.

I had two professors at East Carolina University that taught me core values i use today in my life as a coach, husband, father, friend, and a leader. Their academic fields were history and health.

My freshman year I had to take a general education course in American history at East Carolina University. The course was taught in the Brewster Building.

Brewster Building at ECU


I remember purchasing the oversized history textbook and watching a very in charge history professor by the name of Dr Henry C Ferrell Jr taking attendance in my first class at ECU. There was something different about him from the first moment he began to call out names from his class roster. He asked each student to briefly tell him something about themselves mostly hometown, classification, and major. He asked each of us to keep our same seats for the next two weeks. I was amazed after two weeks he knew each of us by name. We were not a number to him.

In that first class he was quick to review his expectations and made an assignment for the next class. He reminded us of a teaching philosophy he had. The highest form of motivation is constant inspection. He would be checking.

Well the next class came and he began by administering to us a quiz on the material he assigned which I had not read. He began the 3rd class by passing out the results from our second class quizzes. When it came time for me to receive my quiz I knew it wasn’t going to be good but I wasn’t prepared for him to do the following. He asked me to stand up and to answer a question “Was I stupid or lazy?” He went on to say that the only way he could understand my quiz score was to determine if I was lazy or stupid. I was embarrassed and muttered to Dr. Ferrell I didn’t read the material. He said then you must be lazy. He went on to another student but I got the message I bettered be prepared.

To Dr. Ferrell’s credit three weeks later on a major test in that history class he asked me to stand again as he passed out the test results. He stated; “Apparently out of state students from New Jersey are not lazy-well done Mr. Kenney you had the highest grade in the class”.

The lessons I learned from Dr. Ferrell is to have expectations and measure them daily, confront behavior that don’t meet your expectations, and recognize when people make a change. He did that for me and his philosophy of testing daily with a quiz was part of my personal coaching and classroom philosophy.

Dr. Ferrell is retired and has the title of faculty emeritus. He has written two histories of East Carolina University  “Promises Kept: East Carolina University, 1980-2007” and “No Time for Ivy: East Carolina University, 1907-2007,” a pictorial history of the university.

The other professor I had at East Carolina was an acquaintance of Dr. Ferrell but taught on the other side of campus in Minges Coliseum. His name was Dr. Lionel Kendrick



The Friend of the Friend-Dr. LIONEL KENDRICK

Lionel Kendrick

Get the Stress out of your life

Dr. Lionel Kenrick was the first person that I ever had that pointed out the virtues of a positive attitude had on so many aspects of your life. He was a health professor in training but in reality he was a life coach. He made all the students he came into contact with aware of the importance of mental outlook.

Dr. Kendrick was the first person that I ever knew who was Mormon. His religious faith was not front and center on what he taught but you knew he was grounded spiritually.

He remained at ECU,, for almost 20 years from 1966-1985. He taught health education, and for 16 years headed the university’s regional training center. This facility specialized in behavioral aspects of health, particularly drug and alcohol-related problems and stress management. He has been much-recognized and honored for his work in the field.

Dr. Kendrick taught me the power of being stress free by prioritizing what is important in your life. He constantly reminded us as students that we controlled our mental attitude. He was a man who inspired every student to look at life as an adventure full of wonderful opportunities.

As my son Mack gets ready to go off to college I hope he can encounter professors that will make him think like Dr. Ferrell and Kendrick did for me.


  1. Don Sleight · · Reply

    I am scheduled to eat dinner with Lionel Kendrick and his wife this evening, and I am going to show him this post. I am sure he will be honored.

    1. Please let him know that he had a positive impact on life. Thanks for taking time to read the post.

  2. L Lionel Kendrick · · Reply

    Thanks for your kind words. I remember you well and am grateful to see all that you have accomplished in influencing the lives of large numbers of people. keep up your life changing activities. It is great to get connected again. Happy New Year.

    L Lionel Kendrick

    1. Dr. Kendrick:

      Hope you know that the life lessons you were teaching took hold.

      happy new year back at you.


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