A friend of a friend -Cale & Cliff Conant-Stella Magliolo-July 31

One thing I have learned is that good friends have other good friends. This is a series of stories about “friends of my friends”. The post below is the story for July 31, 2015.

My goal in 2015 is to learn or get re-acquainted with 365 people and doing a daily post on the “the friend of a friend” is helping me get closer to my goal.

It seems everyplace I have lived I have experienced some traditions with friends. When we lived in Cullowhee, NC trips to the auction took place, when we lived in Lumberton the first time we had 4th of July block parties, and this go around in Lumberton we have a great tradition of deep-frying turkeys for family and friends. When I was head basketball coach at Winthrop University we lived in Rock Hill, SC.  I have to say the biggest tradition we experienced as a family while we lived there was going to the home of Stella Magliolo on Sundays.

At the time we lived in Rock Hill Stella’s married name was Conant but she has since remarried a wonderful man named Jerry Magliolo. In the 1990’s when we were living in Rock Hill when the weather was good Stella would have what I would describe as a pool party almost every Sunday. These Sunday parties always included everyone playing sand volleyball until dark. The adults played, the kids played, and of course winners stayed up yelled very loudly NEXT. That word NEXT meant the losers jumped in the pool and the next set of volleyball challengers came to the sand court. NEXT was a word that was weaved into each Sunday at Stella’s.

The adults and young adults took the game of sand volleyball seriously. They had nicknames like Captain, Skywalker, and the Hammer. On the volleyball standard they build beverage holders complete with name plates. You had to be someone special to get a nameplate put on the volleyball standard. The banter in those sand volleyball was priceless you would have moms, commercial airline pilots, sports psychologists, college coaches, TV personalities, teachers, construction workers, and Ph.D all dishing it out.

The house Stella had on Briarwood Drive in Rock Hill was dubbed Camp Conant by my four children. It had horseshoes, it had a basketball goal, it had a telescope, it had a great pool, and of course it had a sand volleyball court. Everyone who came on a Sunday brought a covered dish and beverages. Camp Conant was the perfect place for the Kenney family it let all of my active children sleep well each and every Sunday night. I on the other hand would often get out of bed on Monday mornings sore from jumping and diving in sand.

Stella had identical twin boys who were extremely tall. Their names were Cliff and Cale and they were two years younger than our daughter Becca and two years older than our son Matthew. Our two families provided 6 children for each pool party but the neighborhood on Briarwood and Bailey Road had several more families with kids. Those neighbors plus Cliff, Cale, and the Kenney’s turned Stella’s house on Briarwood into a small recreation center.

Today living in Lumberton, NC I have to confess there is many Sunday evenings when I might be cooking on the grill that I think back to Briarwood Drive and Stella’s two boys Cliff and Cale.

The Friend-STELLA MAGLILIO shown with her husband Jerry


The Friend(s) of the Friend-CALE and CLIFF CONANT

At birth-January 1984

Cliff and Cale

Cale is depicted on far left  and his mom Stella Magliolo is in the middle and Cliff Conant far right.

Stella Cliff and Cale

The Twin Towers

Cliff and Cale Conant were born in January of 1984 and were both tall. They had a love for the outdoors and sports. They have tremendous pride in their South Carolina roots. While I was basketball coach at Winthrop they came to every summer camp I conducted. It didn’t take long for them to get a nickname. They were the twin towers.

Today Cliff and Cale they both have good careers. Cliff lives is in Rock Hill

Cliff Conant

Cale is married and in the US Army.

Cale Conant

Cliff and Cale both attended the Citadel in Charleston, SC where they played college football. They are very proud of their alma mater. Quick story on them as football players at link below:


I have not seen either of them in fifteen plus years but I suspect that if a volleyball was around that they would be playing and playing well.

My family misses the Sunday tradition that Cliff, Cale and their mom Stella provided us during the six years we were in Rock Hill. I sometimes think if I listen real close on Sunday I can hear kids splashing in the pool and someone yelling out NEXT.

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  1. MIRA Kenney · · Reply

    I am enjoying all the memories that are flooding me as I read this post. I cannot tell you how special these two young men and their Mother are to me. Time has separated us but the love and memories remain ever fresh in my memory banks. Great Family and such great times at Camp Conant. One day, hopefully soon, we can enjoy a Sunday at the complex.

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