A friend of a friend-Paula Roach-Ron Roach-August 10

One thing I have learned is that good friends have other good friends. This is a series of stories about “friends of my friends”. The post below is the story for August 10, 2015.

My goal in 2015 is to learn or get re-acquainted with 365 people and doing a daily post on the “the friend of a friend” is helping me get closer to my goal.

This  past weekend has highlighted some of the biggest parts of what friendship looks like for me and my wife Mira. A huge part of the past three days included being around some amazing friends named Ron and Paula Roach.

On Friday night we got to get Ron to agree to jump off an airplane flying  to Fayetteville, NC from Salt Lake City and join us at a fundraiser for UNC Pembroke. We got to listen to live music, talk, and take a few goofy photos.

Photo below taken in the photo booth. Don’t judge us by the flowers in our hair.

(L-R) Ron & Paula Roach- Mira & Dan Kenney.


Ron is the President of Contempora Fabrics in Lumberon, NC. Contempora Fabrics manufactures finished fabrics that are used in a variety of areas including active wear, performance wear, career wear, children’s wear, formal wear, intimate apparel, men’s wear, sportswear, team sports, swimwear and women’s wear. They have loyal customers and more importantly loyal,employees.

Ron is one of the most caring and sharing guys you will ever meet. This past year he found a way for me to join the Linthead Fantasy Football League. I had never participated in any type of Fantasy Draft before and Ron and his commissioner Carey Read made me feel welcomed. Of course I didn’t win so that may be part of the reason I got the warm and fuzzy treatment.

Ron also include me and a few others including Ken Ransom, Joe Osman,  and Joe Terranova to a NFL playoff game in January when the Carolina Panthers defeated the Arizona Cardinals. The trip from Lumberton to Charlotte, NC in Joe Teranova’s Honda Odessey will never be forgotten by me or 5 Bojangle Franchises  all located on US 74.

Picture below shows the fab 5 from Lumberton, NC tailgating in the rain at 2015 Panthers NFL playoff game.

(L-R) front row-Joe Terranova -2nd row Ken Ransom-Joe Osman-back row Ron Roach-Dan Kenney.

NFL Game

Like all good friends we share good times with each other frequently over food, conversation and a beverage or two. Just being around the Roach’s usually guarantees good times and big laughs.

The photo below was from our Valentine’s Day Dinner in 2014 That we held at our home.

(L-R) Mira & Dan Kenney, Paula & Ron Roach, and Maureen & Don Metzger.

Valentine's Day

Ron will be the first to tell you his best friend is his wife Paula Roach.

The Friend-RON ROACH

Ron Roach Kentucky

The Friend of the Friend-PAULA ROACH

Paula Roach

The couple that makes you feel big time

Paula Roach has an infectious personality and the ability to make people feel right at home. We have had some great times in their home and to be honest heard stories of events that we didn’t witness firsthand but wished we did. If Steven Bourquin every gets a blog he can tell about the night a teenager dressed as a Oregon Duck,almost lost his life on Paula’s sofa.

Paula is a very talented professional and is trained as an Neonatal Critical Care Nursing (Nurse Practitioner). She often has to work 24 our shifts but she is able to recharge her battery quickly and have fun with Ron when she is off work.

Paula and Ron have a great home complete with a pool and outdoor dining and beverage area. They have been gracious to include us on holidays and Sunday’s at their backyard oasis and pool. A good time is had by all when you get in their backyard.

The gang enjoying a weekend afternoon at the Roach’s.

Pool Photo Bomb

This past weekend in a short 48 hours we got experience with Paula and Ron all the important components of friendship. We got to laugh, we got to listen to music, we got to brag on our children, we got to get caught up on the professional trials and tribulations we each were encountering. This weekend also gave us a chance to grieve with one of our friends named Ken Ransom who lost his mom on Thursday. On Sunday both the Roach’s and Kenney’s and many others attended her funeral.

After the funeral Paula and Ron had a few friends over to their backyard and pool to relax. It was nothing fancy but it highlights and emphasized that just being around good people is a real gift.

I know some people reading this post might think they are living the big time life in some big time city. I would counter by saying if you don’t have Paula and Ron Roach as friends then you don’t know what big time is all about. I do.


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  1. Carey Read · · Reply

    Awesome tribute to two awesome people!

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