A friend of a friend-David Allen-Karen Allen-October 28

One thing I have learned is that good friends have other good friends. This is a series of stories about “friends of my friends”. The post below is the story for October 28, 2015.

My goal in 2015 is to learn or get re-acquainted with 365 people and doing a daily post on the “the friend of a friend” is helping me get closer to my goal.

I am from Northern New Jersey Morristown, NJ to be exact and that part of the state is famous for accents, dialects, and the way we pronounce certain words in the English Language. Some of the words and phrases have become iconic but some may not be as familiar to people but trust me if you from Essex, Bergen, Hudson, Morris, Passaic, or Hudson county in New Jersey you have heard your family, co-workers, or friends use these words.

“Caw-fee” Coffee

Ant” Aunt

Loyer” Lawyer

Karen Allen lives in North Carolina but she hails from Michigan. Karen is a wonderful caring mom, wife, and friend to many in our community. We don’t get to spend a lot of time with her but when we do it is always a great evening. Last February my wife and I hosted Valentine Day Dinner at our home for 11 couples including Karen and her husband David.

Photo below from Valentine’s Day Dinner 2015

Karen Allen

My wife and I have been part of some of the Allen family celebrations and brought in New Year’s Eve at their beautiful home in Lumberton, NC. This past December 31st we got to be around not only Karen’s family but some great friends.

Photo below are some of the people I got to hang out with on New Year’s Eve at Karen’s home.

(l-r) Joe Osman, Joe Buter, Joe Terranova, Steven Bourquin, and Dan Kenney

Party at Allen's

Karen is one of those friends that you don’t have to see every day to be comfortable with. She also is a mom to three very bright and highly intelligent children David, Julia, and Nickolas.

Allen Children

Karen is a nurse but that is not her only professional gift. If you have been to her home or talk to her you know she has a great eye for interior decorating.

Karen has been in North Carolina for a long period of time. That time still has not equipped her to talk like someone from the South. If you listen carefully the Michigan in her comes out. Just like New Jersey has some unique ways to pronounce English words so do those that hail from Michigan. I offer up a few examples you might hear in Michigan or possibly from Karen:

“Haahkee”: Hockey

Deerburn”: Dearborn

“Minnuhsoda”: Minnesota

Tie-ota”: Toyota

Karen husband is Dr. David Allen. Together they make a great husband and wife team that do a lot for our community and friends.

The Friend-KAREN ALLEN with her husband David in Paris

Karen and David in Paris

The Friend of the Friend-DAVID ALLEN-dancing with Karen

David dancing with Karen

Hardworking Doctor

If you ask anyone in Lumberton NC about the work ethic of Dr. David Allen you are going to get educated on a man that puts in long hours and really cares about his patients. David Allen like his wife Karen hails from the state of Michigan. He graduated from the Wayne State University School of Medicine in 1993 and he specializes in orthopedic surgery.

David is extremely busy but he does find time to give back to our community. He has been a regular benefactor to a number of great causes including the Kiwanis Club of Robeson/Lumberton and especially to the Robeson Road Runners. David owns Allen Orthopedic and his medical practice has been a fixture at the Robeson Road Runner event called the Rumba on the Lumber.


David, Karen  and  his Allen Orthopedic staff for example served over 300 plates of Spaghetti at the 2015 Allen Orthopedic Pasta Party which occurs the Friday night before the big 5K Rumba on the Lumber run.

Part of the Allen Orthopedic Pasta Party Crowd

Spaghetti Supper

I really don’t care if you are from Michigan or New Jersey. When you treat people the way Karen and David Allen do you are first class. If you hear someone saying something about David and Karen that is not top-notch I have one word for you to respond with – fuggedaboutit.


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