A friend of a friend-Joanna Warner-Scott Warner-November 17

One thing I have learned is that good friends have other good friends. This is a series of stories about “friends of my friends”. The post below is the story for November 17, 2015.

My goal in 2015 is to learn or get re-acquainted with 365 people and doing a daily post on the “the friend of a friend” is helping me get closer to my goal.

I believe each university needs to have an idea what works for them in hiring. They have to have a culture. In the Athletic Department at UNCP it might not be publicly stated but it is clear that a culture exist when it comes to hiring. Over the past 15 years the department has looked for very bright, hard-working, and potentially upward mobile leaders. They have an eye for spotting talent.


All things on a college campus have Monday morning quarterbacks. When you work at an institution that has very intelligent people you get a divergent number of perspectives on what is the best approach to anything. Not everyone agrees hiring young is the best method. I believe the results have proven for the athletic department hiring young, hard-working, and upward mobile leaders  works.

Part of the hiring culture stems from necessity. The salaries sometimes run a little south of what an experienced leader would demand or expect. So UNCP turns that around and hires the right young leaders will give the department lots of energy. Yes some of them move on but only after accomplishing goals and objectives. Athletics is a results oriented business and the only way people advance is to demonstrate measurable metrics. A recent hire at UNCP was Scott Warner. He came to Pembroke in 2013 and served as the Associate AD for External Affairs and after two years left for another position. He left after accomplishing a lot. He was young, hard-working, and had the potential for upward mobility.

Scott earned his bachelor’s degree in communication (business administration minor) from NC State in 2009, and then completed his graduate work in parks, recreation and tourism management (sport administration emphasis) at NC State in 2011. His dad Russ Warner is a former UNCP Soccer player.

Photo of Russ and Scott Warner from 2009 at NC State Graduation

Russ Warner

Scott Warner left UNCP and went to the University of Richmond as Assistant AD for Marketing & Fan Development in September 2015.  At UR Scott will oversee marketing and ticket sales strategic initiatives as well as manage game day promotional activities.

While Scott was at UNC Pembroke he provided leadership for the revenue-generating arm of the department, including sponsorship sales, multimedia rights, student fees, licensing, ticket sales, marketing, branding, and social media communications.  If you attend a UNCP home athletic contest today versus prior to Scott arriving there is a noticeable difference. The games have an organized marketing theme to them. The athletic facilities have a very modern and upbeat graphics displayed everywhere. Scott also helped promote some record crowds at UNCP during his tenure.

All of his successes at UNCP were noted by the University of Richmond and he got an opportunity to advance his career.

Scott is married to another talented leader in Joanna Warner.


Scott Warner

The Friend of the Friend-JOANNA WARNER

Joanna Warner Director of Marketing and Communications Student Affairs Phone:  Email: joanna.minett@uncp.edu

The Marketing Married Couple

Joanna Warner is from Southport, NC and loves the water. She like her husband Scott is a NC State Graduate. She graduated in 2009 and while at NC State got involved. She graduated with Honors in Communications (Public and Interpersonal Relations) and received a Minor in Biological Sciences. She was decorated for Academic Honors and Community Service. She also worked as a research assistant during senior year for the College of Humanities and Social Sciences.

Joanna will eventually in the not too distant future join her husband in Richmond. I have no doubt she is going to be a leadership asset to some organization or university. She and her dog are ready to be reunited with Scott.

Joanna Warner

After graduation she immediately found work in higher education. She spent a year and half at Brunswick Community College near her home serving as public information officer. In 2012 she returned to NC State and worked in Marketing and Communications for campus dining at NC State. She came to work at UNC Pembroke in August 2014 and since her arrival has excelled. She was hired as Director of Marketing and Communications for the Student Affairs Division and did that for 12 months. In August of this past year she was elevated to Interim Executive Director of University Communications and Marketing.

Since she went into her current position I have seen her shine in crisis communications, dealing with VIP visitors to campus, and changing the way our campus communicates with each other. Joanna is young, hard-working, and oozes upward mobility as a leader. UNCP spotted both Scott and Joanna on the way up the leadership ladder.


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