A friend of a friend-Tina Rodgers-Kelley Horton-December 14

One thing I have learned is that good friends have other good friends. This is a series of stories about “friends of my friends”. The post below is the story for December 14, 2015.

My goal in 2015 is to learn or get re-acquainted with 365 people and doing a daily post on the “the friend of a friend” is helping me get closer to my goal.

In my position at the university I work on a floor with dedicated hard working professionals. They are in careers that I did not have much daily contact with in my previous professional life as a coach or athletic director. I work with professionals today that have responsibility for keeping up with Title IX, compiling data for the university, monitoring governmental legislation, legal matters of higher education, and auditing.

Some of the team I work with today.

4th floor team

In my past life I would occasionally work with these positions but my past professional life was consumed with interacting with student-athletes, coaches, athletic trainers, and sports information directors.

In this new career outside of college athletics I have come to grow to appreciate UNC Pembroke’s Chief Audit Officer Kelley Horton. Over the past weekend Kelley really jumps in and helps at commencement. She gets the entire platform lined up. It is a job similar to herding cats.

(l-r) Kelley Horton, Marla Locklear, and Jenna Davisson at May 2014 Commencement at UNCP

Kelley Commencement

In October of 2012 a month before I changed careers Kelley Horton came to UNCP from the Office of the North Carolina State Auditor, where she led teams of auditors statewide to universities, community colleges and office of the clerk of courts. As Chief Auditor she works in the Office of the Chancellor.

As Chief Auditor Kelley primary responsibility is to assure that university management is properly assessing risk and is in compliance with applicable state rules and regulations for financial management. She does a fabulous job of that.

I have never got to know a chief auditor very well prior to Kelley’s arrival at UNC Pembroke and I have to say she shatters any and all perceptions that I would have about a person that would choose this as a career. My preconceived notion of personality types of auditors was introverted and socially awkward. Trust me Kelley Horton is not an introvert and has no problem being social adept.

In her professional role she is detailed oriented and very precise. When she is outside her role of Chief Audit Officer she is caring, involved in serving others, and always looking for an opportunity to laugh. On the last point working in the Chancellor’s Office provides opportunity for levity because if you get a little too carried away with yourself the team will find a funny way to bring you back to reality. It is done with respect and makes working on our floor fun.

Kelley does more than laugh she finds way to serve. Whether it having her candy dish always full in her office, to co-chairing the faculty/staff holiday party or working at commencement she looks to give back. She also has been coerced into participating in parades and homecoming competitions which she and others have victoriously capture awards.

Some of the employees I work with posing after they captured first place in 2014 Homecoming Parade. Kelley is in 2nd row far right.

Homecoming Parade

One of Kelley’s co-workers who finds a way to serve others is Tina Rodgers.


Kelley Party



The Friend of the Friend-TINA RODGERS



When Audit Professional meets Legal Professional

I have known Tina Rodgers for a long time. Her dad served as UNC Pembroke Track and Field/Cross-Country Coach for 30 years. Tina’s mom Shirley also worked and retired from UNC Pembroke. Shirley Rodgers left the university working as Executive Assistant in Student Affairs.

Tina with her dad Larry Rodgers

Larry and Tina Rodgers

When I came to my role as Chief of Staff Tina was a single mom still in school and worked in the Chancellor’s Office as a student worker. She was a rock star. She was quiet and reserved but worked very hard. She also over time began to understand certain institutional practices as well as anyone. She eventually became an indispensable resource to the university especially the General Counsel Office.

In 2014 a full-time University Programming Specialist position was created in the General Counsel Office. Tina applied for that position, received an interview along with others and was selected.

She has lots of different roles but one primary function is too support the UNC Pembroke Board of Trustees. In that role she and Kelley work closely with Commencement.

Photo of 2015 Graduate Commencement Ceremony

2015 Commencement

Tina does a great job of making sure ever member of the platform party has their regalia and wears it correctly.

The University of North Carolina at Pembroke holds the Spring Graduate Commencement on Friday, May 9th, 2014.print_spring_Grad_Commencement_0486.jpg

The University of North Carolina at Pembroke Platform Party in Regalia

I am very happy to be on the same team with Kelley Horton and Tina Rodgers. Our 2015 Commencement speaker at UNC Pembroke was a chemistry professor named Siva Mandjiny and he is quite brilliant.

(l-r) Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs Lisa Schaeffer-Chemistry Professor Dr. Siva Mandjiny, Vice Chancellor Carlton Spellman, and Dan Kenney-Chief of Staff


Despite Dr. Mandjiny’s brilliance I am not sure he would have predicted correctly what reaction will occur when you mix an audit officer and legal professional with dash of co-workers at UNC Pembroke.

Tina far left and Kelley far right


The only correct answer Dr. Mandjiny could give would be brilliance.







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