@HonnenArena April 14

My daily post theme for 2017 is on Colleges and Universities.

The plan for starting my blog back in 2014 was at the urging of fellow coaching colleagues to share posts on leadership and/or motivation. Somehow that idea got derailed and  turned into daily posts on one theme for an entire year.

In 2014 my daily posts were on the “Beer of the Day”, 2015 it was “A Friend of a Friend”, 2016 I wrote about “North Carolina”, and for 2017 I will focus on “Colleges and Universities”.

I have been associated with colleges since I was 18 and I love them. I have coached/worked at four different universities and in my professional and personal travels visited 100’s more. Each college has something in its history that I want to share that to me make it unique or personal.

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Name of University: Colorado College

Location: Colorado Springs CO

A few days ago I did a post on the US Air Force Academy that is located in Colorado Springs CO. Doing that research I came across Colorado College and what caught my eye was that the college had an ice skating arena and the community had an ice skating team that uses the on campus facility.

Honnen Arena is home to the Colorado Springs Skating Club and that club has a website.



The community is not the only group that is in to skating related activities at Colorado College there is the following:

NCAA Division I Men’s Hockey Team

colorado college ice hockey

There is also Ice Broomball that Colorado College Intramural Office sponsors. Broomball is most closely related to hockey, as it is played on an ice rink and involves two teams trying to score goals. However, instead of skates, players wear shoes; instead of pucks, players chase a heavy ball; instead of hockey sticks, players use “brooms”: sticks with triangular rubber heads. The rules are very similar to hockey and include penalties for offsides, icing, and high sticks


Colorado College was founded in 1874 on land designated by U.S. Civil War veteran General William Jackson Palmer, the founder of the Denver and Rio Grande Railroad and of Colorado Springs. Founder Thomas Nelson Haskell, described it as a coeducational liberal arts college in the tradition of Oberlin College.

Armstrong Quadrangle, Colorado College

Colorado College is private liberal arts college with a pretty size endowment upwards of 700 million dollars. It has about 2,000 undergraduate students who apparently like to ice skate.


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