@STOlaf September 13

My daily post theme for 2017 is on Colleges and Universities.

The plan for starting my blog back in 2014 was at the urging of fellow coaching colleagues to share posts on leadership and/or motivation. Somehow that idea got derailed and turned into daily posts on one theme for an entire year.

In 2014 my daily posts were on the “Beer of the Day”, 2015 it was “A Friend of a Friend”, 2016 I wrote about “North Carolina”, and for 2017 I will focus on “Colleges and Universities”.

I have been associated with colleges since I was 18 and I love them. I have coached/worked at four different universities and in my professional and personal travels visited 100’s more. Each college has something in its history that I want to share that to me make it unique or personal.

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Name of University: St. Olaf’s College

Location: Northfield MN

On Monday night I watched the NFL game between the New Orleans Saints at Minnesota Vikings. The game was played in the Vikings 2nd year stadium called U.S. Bank Stadium. There is definitely a Nordic Vibe at their games.

US Bank Stadium


During the game when the camera panned the crowd amongst all the purple and Viking garb I saw a spectator wearing a St. Olaf sweatshirt.

St Olaf

St. Olaf College is a liberal arts college with ties to the Lutheran Church. It is located in Northfield MN which is located south of Minneapolis. There is also a second college in Northfield called Carleton which apparently is a big rival of St. Olaf. They actually play a football game for the Goatrophy. The rivalry has existed since 1919 but the Goatrophy was introduced to the rivalry in 1931.


The most prideful aspect of the St. Olaf/Carleton rivalry is “turning the eagle.” In the town square next to the Jesse James Museum there is an eagle perched on top of a statue.

Northfield 7_d

After each St. Olaf/Carleton game the winning team walks to the square and the seniors each turn the eagle until it is pointing to the respective campus. No one seems to know when or why this tradition started, but it means a lot to the players and those who live in Northfield.

The 2017 game is scheduled for October 21 2017 at St. Olaf College.







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