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My daily post theme for 2017 is on Colleges and Universities.

The plan for starting my blog back in 2014 was at the urging of fellow coaching colleagues to share posts on leadership and/or motivation. Somehow that idea got derailed and turned into daily posts on one theme for an entire year.

In 2014 my daily posts were on the “Beer of the Day”, 2015 it was “A Friend of a Friend”, 2016 I wrote about “North Carolina”, and for 2017 I will focus on “Colleges and Universities”.

I have been associated with colleges since I was 18 and I love them. I have coached/worked at four different universities and in my professional and personal travels visited 100’s more. Each college has something in its history that I want to share that to me make it unique or personal.

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Name of University: University of Charleston

Location: Charleston WV

There must be something about West Virginia colleges and how they owe their existence to repurposing abandoned courthouses. On November 19 I wrote about Shepherd University.


In 1888 the University of Charleston was founded in Barboursville, West Virginia as Barboursville Seminary, affiliated with the Methodist Episcopal Church South. The first campus was located in the courthouse complex abandoned when Cabell County moved its seat of government to Huntington. There were 25 students enrolled in its first year.

Map of Cabell County WV

cabell county

In 1901 a gift from Morris Harvey a coal operator had the school change its name from Barboursville Seminary to Morris Harvey College. Photo shows the campus in 1905.


In 1935 the Board of Trustees at the college reversed its decision three times in one week but finally accepted an offer from the Charleston Education Center and opened in temporary quarters in downtown Charleston on September 11, 1935.

In no small feat the campus moved again but within the city limits. On September 8, 1947, the University moved to the south bank of the Kanawha River, the current location, before a crowd of hundreds. Buildings were literally ferried across the river to the new location. The campus consisted of five government surplus buildings, three barracks-type buildings, a Quonset hut, small frame building and a cafeteria/assembly hall.

Part of the College moving across the river.


In my former life as a college coach I interacted with Morris Harvey Basketball Coach Glen Korobov who was the head coach there from 1979-1982.

Glen depicted on the far left, former MHC Head Coach Rich Meckfessel in the center, and Henry Dickerson on far right.

Glen Korobov

On December 13, 1978, Morris Harvey College was renamed the University of Charleston.

I was fortunate to serve on a NCAA Division II Committee with a talented leader named Dr. Bren Stevens who today is the Director of Athletics at the University of Charleston.

Bren Stevens

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