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I started the Coach4aday blog in 2014 and have done daily posts on one topic for each year. In 2014 my daily posts were on the “Beer of the Day”, 2015 it was “A Friend of a Friend”, 2016 I wrote about “North Carolina”, and in 2017 it was “Colleges and Universities”.
The one consistent piece of feedback I have received with this blog is the 2015 series on “A Friend of a Friend”. Readers and blog followers said please bring it back. The stats also back that up with the number of views each of those posts received.
So in 2018 two things will happen with the Coach4aday blog; One I plan to collaborate with a friend named John Rancke and revisit some of those 2015 “A Friend of a Friend” posts and do some new ones with a slightly different twist. I write the posts on odd numbered days each month and John handles the even numbered days.
In addition John and I will write about things we both are interested which will include basketball, food, people, music, our granddaughters, and great stories.
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March 4, 2018 Where are we going today?

Post written by John Rancke

My buddy Dan Kenney just retired from UNCP this week. He migrated from basketball coach to Athletics Director to his final position as Chief of Staff to the Chancellor. Dan is one of the most organized men I have ever met. He is detail oriented. He can multitask. I have admired him immensely from afar and now we are working together on this daily blog. It’s a challenge to write a daily entry each and every day and he has done so for 4 years. That is amazing. He is so detail oriented.

I on the other hand suffer from writer’s block. Actually I would call it more like mental block as my mind constantly wanders as I usually have no idea what I want to write about until I type the date at the top of the page. Some days I surprise myself, some days I change topics midway through the first line and have to adjust. I often find myself with a great topic (I think) but all I know about the topic might take up 3-4 lines and then I’ve run out of things to say.

January 30 was National Croissant Day. Having lived in Lumberton at various points in my life I thought that I would talk about the deep fried glazed croissants that we have enjoyed since the early 90s here in Lumberton through Cakes and Pastries. Great topic so I begin to type. I quickly realize that all I knew about the croissants was 1) They originated at Cakes and Pastries on Pine Street. 2) The Burney’s operated Cakes and Pastries 3) The lady that taught cake decorating classes for us at the Recreation Department worked at Cakes and Pastries 4) She had told us she came up with the idea 5) The only source for the croissants was at Cakes and Pastries 6) The Burney’s sold the business (7 Years later the Burney’s open a bakery in Elizabethtown and they offer the croissants. Today Cakes and Pastries is operating off of Fayetteville Rd. in Lumberton.

Lumberton’s Cakes and Pastries

cakes and pastries

That’s it. That’s all I know. Short and sweet (Pun intended). But not a lot of information. What was the ladies name that taught the class? I have no idea!! Call the Burneys and ask them. Have you tried to find a phone number at 8 pm with no idea of their first name to perhaps google them. Call information!! Where do they live, in case information asks for city or town ? Questions and no answers available. Toss that blog topic!! Find another idea!!!! Now it’s 9pm and I’m sidetracked listening to something I found on You Tube. Rambling Man by Allman Brothers

So I remember the great filets and shrimp cocktails and cheesecake at Keen’s Steakhouse in Manhattan all those years ago on roadtrips to the Garden. Got a topic now, google some pictures and read some articles and I survive to write another day. Pat myself on the back and it’s after midnight.

Dan told me when we started just write about what I wanted to. Music, food, grandchild, trips, sports. It’s a blank canvas. But sometimes the blank canvas needs a red Crayola crayon and there is no red crayon in the box. The dog chewed it up last week. Remember, had to get the carpet cleaner out to clean up the mess. There is an old saying “Life is a Bowl of Cherries”. I think my life can be described as “A Box of Crayons”. Notice what I did there. Both sayings use the letters A and B and C. As soon as I wrote that I recognized the similarity to the 2 thoughts. My mind sees stuff like that all the time. I often wonder how many other people do. Many times when talking with my friends I make a connection with something they say and respond with something off the wall and they look at me, puzzled. Hey, it makes perfect sense to me but they can’t put the 2 thoughts together.

So the topic today is titled “Where are we going today”. That thought goes through my mined almost every time I get in the drivers seat of my car. What highway am I taking to Lumberton? Where am I going to eat lunch? The path depends on which way I turn out of my apartment complex. Turning left eliminates 50 % of my choices so I narrow down my choices. It makes life so much easier.


Where I was going today was to just throw out a whole lot of thoughts about a variety of topics, short and relevant (well not all of them).

But the one thing that I wanted to say was Thank You Dan Kenney for making my life easier many years ago in Wilmington. Dan and Mira’s son Geoff worked for me one winter during basketball season as a gym supervisor.

Geoff today lives in Knoxville and is a corporate chef. Photo below is of Geoff and his friend Rhea Ennist at the 2016 UT vs. Va. Tech football game in Bristol TN.

Geoff and Rhea UT Game

His gym was Williston Middle School. Geoff ran the clock and kept the scorebook. Our basketball program used 6 school gyms every Saturday from Northern New Hanover County down to Ashley High School near Carolina Beach. We show up on Saturday and play anywhere from 6-8 games during the day at each location. If the clock doesn’t work or the doors are locked, major problems. So one Saturday I get a call from Geoff that the clock is not working at Williston Gym. 8 games to play that day. Teams are there and the officials are there. What to do? The officials are saying “Can’t play, no clock lets go home”. Then they will ask to be paid for 8 games they were ready to call but couldn’t but they should still be paid. I told Geoff I was on my way and we would figure something out.

When I walked in the door I saw the game in progress but no clock running. I walk over to the scorer’s table and look at Geoff. He smiled and said “ I have my wrist watch so I improvised”. He made the decision to use a running clock rather than stop and start on dead balls. With a running clock he could just use his wristwatch. Instead of 8 minute quarters add 4 minutes to each quarter making 12 minutes and let the clock (WRISTWATCH) run continuously during free throws and timeouts. All games were played, rules fair for both teams. Officials bitched a little cause they thought they had an easy payday.

Geoff used his common sense and made a decision that most of other gym supervisors would have never thought of. Thanks Mira and Dan for instilling common sense in your son.

Oh yea! I found out the other day I have Adult ADHD. I have graduated from regular ADHD that I know I have had since I started kindergarten to Adult ADHD. At least I have now confirmed what I always thought. It’s always great to get answers but sometimes at 8 pm at night you can’t get answers to write a blog entry.

It’s Sunday March 4. Carolina vs Duke (it hurts to write it that way instead of dook). One team won and one team lost. New season starts this week in Brooklyn. As Coach Smith said “There are 100 million Chinese that aren’t even aware of this game”. Enjoy life folks.

That’s what I am doing today

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