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I started the Coach4aday blog in 2014 and have done daily posts on one topic for each year. In 2014 my daily posts were on the “Beer of the Day”, 2015 it was “A Friend of a Friend”, 2016 I wrote about “North Carolina”, and in 2017 it was “Colleges and Universities”.

The one consistent piece of feedback I have received with this blog is the 2015 series on “A Friend of a Friend”. Readers and blog followers said please bring it back. The stats also back that up with the number of views each of those posts received.

So in 2018 two things will happen with the Coach4aday blog; One I plan to collaborate with a friend named John Rancke and revisit some of those 2015 “A Friend of a Friend” posts and do some new ones with a slightly different twist. I write the posts on odd-numbered days each month and John handles the even-numbered days.

In addition John and I will write about things we both are interested which will include basketball, food, people, music, our granddaughters, and great stories.
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April 20, 2018 Honey Monk (Lexington #1)

Post by John Rancke

I love BBQ. I love eastern style NC Barbecue from The Skylight in Ayden, NC and Sid Blizzards in Beaulaville, NC (only open on Saturdays in his backyard). I also love Lexington style from Stamey’s in Greensboro, Short Sugars in Reidsville, and especially from the Honey Monk in Lexington, NC.

Its sits right on I-85 business just north of downtown Lexington NC. I first heard of the Honey Monk back in 1974 when Bobby Jones would be burning up 85 headed from Chapel Hill to Charlotte to see his girlfriend/fiance Tess. Anytime Coach Smith would give some time off, Bobby was headed west and it always included BBQ from the Honey Monk.


But I didn’t get any for another 20 years. Early 90s we stopped whenever we were in the area. And when my late wife Pam worked for Southern National and BB&T and had to go to the home office in Winston she would detour to Lexington and bring back several pounds of chopped Q for us to partake in Lumberton and later in Wilmington.

My good friend Tom Taylor stopped in Lexington on the way to a playoff football game in the 90s when Lumberton traveled to West Forsyth High School. Tom could not get his taste buds to enjoy the BBQ slaw or Q. But I could and so could Lindsay. So I ate Tom’s sandwich too.

I’m fortunate to be less than 80 miles from my front door to their front door. You know I love to drive and my little part time job lets me drive and end up eating at some great little hotspots. Best of both worlds. I’m a lucky guy!!

So I looked back and found some posts that I have made over the past several years on Facebook that pertain to The Honey Monk.

“If you want the best Lexington style BBQ. Its Honey Monks just off Business 85 in Lexington. Good gracious Miss Agnes “ – June 7, 2011

“Coldest ice tea with small Ice at Honey Monk in Lexington. Tea is colder than ice water and the Q is fantastic with some burnt ends.” – September 4, 2015

“Go West Young Man. So I heeded the advice and landed on Business 85 in Lexington. Some call it Lexington #1 and some call it The Honey Monk. I call it Money!!

Lexington sign

Chopped and sliced pork shoulder BBQ and smoked turkey breast. Vacuum sealed and in the freezer. And plenty of Lexington sauce to add to the mix. And just enough red slaw to get me through the next 10 days. Great people behind the counter. Customer service and a smile as it should be.” – September 25, 2017

“Its 4:30 on Friday afternoon. Had inspection in Kernersville so naturally it means early supper at Honey Monk with the “good ice”, large tray and red slaw. Pretty good work perk!!” – April 13, 2018

Lexington small tray chopped[2404]

“My discover the Piedmont tour continues as I pass Furnitureland South and cross lake Thom-A-Lex and I find myself trying to decide on Mickey D’s or Burger King for supper but then I remember where I am. The land of the Pig and the 5 smokestacks belching smoke from the cooking shed. Yes it’s Honey Monk and the parking lot is full at 447 pm. Some good ice tea to wash down the glorious pork!” -April 17, 2018

Lexington Barbecue was established in 1962 by Wayne Monk, who served as a carhop at a Lexington barbecue restaurant in his teenage years and later worked directly under Warner Stamey.
At 26, Monk bought a parcel beside U.S. Highway 29/70 and built and established Lexington Barbecue #1 on the property, where it has remained to this day.
Lexington-style barbecue is differentiated by its preparation. At Lexington Barbecue, pork shoulders roast for nearly half a day over oak or hickory coals. The barbecue sauce and slaw is flavored with tomato ketchup, not mayonnaise or mustard, giving them a sweet flavor.

Lexington shoulders smoking
Hush puppies, french fries, onion rings, barbecue beans, etc. are all offered as sides. But at Lexington Barbecue, the sides, turkey, and peach cobbler dessert are secondary.


When I stopped in Tuesday afternoon at 4:30 there were 13 people in front of the counter greeting people, handling takeouts, and doing whatever was needed. In addition there were 3 waitresses in the dining rooms plus the workers in the kitchen.

Lexington counter

I met an older gentleman that has been coming for more than 30 years and eats his evening meal there each day of the week except Sundays when they are closed. A BBQ sandwich with slaw, a cup of coffee, and a bowl of homemade peach cobbler.


It’s worth the trip. I love Eastern Q but I also love Lexington even better!

Pam, thank you for all those detours to Lexington over the years bringing back that delicious pig. It was just one of those little things you always did for me because you cared more for others than you did yourself.
Happy Birthday Pamela Gaye Byrd 4/20/56




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  1. […] now been joined by John Rancke, and each writes every other day.  John recently wrote about the Honey Monk, as Lexington #1 is known.  Check it […]

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