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I started the Coach4aday blog in 2014 and have done daily posts on one topic for each year. In 2014 my daily posts were on the “Beer of the Day”, 2015 it was “A Friend of a Friend”, 2016 I wrote about “North Carolina”, and in 2017 it was “Colleges and Universities”.
The one consistent piece of feedback I have received with this blog is the 2015 series on “A Friend of a Friend”. Readers and blog followers said please bring it back. The stats also back that up with the number of views each of those posts received.
So in 2018 two things will happen with the Coach4aday blog; One I plan to collaborate with a friend named John Rancke and revisit some of those 2015 “A Friend of a Friend” posts and do some new ones with a slightly different twist. I write the posts on odd-numbered days each month and John handles the even-numbered days.
In addition John and I will write about things we both are interested which will include basketball, food, people, music, our granddaughters, and great stories.
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April 28, 2018 Crab Catchers, May Lay, and Mermaids

Post by John Rancke

There is a little place on the Intracoastal Waterway in a small little South Carolina village called Crab Catchers. It’s located just a couple of hundred yards south of the gambling boats that motor (I would say sail but I have never seen any sails on the vessels) out into the Atlantic beyond the 3 mile limit and then turn on the bells and whistles and take your money. Just be sure you left gas money to get home in the ashtray back in your vehicle.


Crab Catchers can best be described as a step below casual. Diners will come off the waterway and tie their boats up for a drink or some vittles at the open air dive. Diners, Drive Ins, and Dives would love this place. I was fortunate to live for a short time just ½ mile south of Crab Catchers and would find myself spending many an afternoon sitting at the bar (sit on the north side as it’s in the shade and best breeze blowing in North Myrtle Beach).

Crabcatchers best seat in the shade[2590]

Flounder sandwich and a beer. I mean a real flounder sandwich. No flounder filet like Mickey Dee’s. A huge piece of flounder!!

Crabcatchers Flounder sandwich.jpg

First time I went I ran into 3 of Horry County’s true mermaids, Penelope Hinson, Nannette Hepler, and Mandy Pait Norris.


They introduced me to this bartender that gave me this big smile and asked me what I would like. Had my Bud Light and visited for a while. Told May Lay I would see her again.

May Lay and myself

Crabcatchers May Lay

I didn’t make another appearance for about 4 weeks and as I walked up the same bartender hollered out “Hey John! Bud Lite?” Talk about a memory! Her name is May Lay and she is the best on the beach. Her reputation can be vouched for way down in Naples Florida by a former Lumbertonian, Susan Stanley McCaffrey. In fact the 2nd visit I made to Crab Catchers, May Lay and I took a picture and sent it to Naples. Small world!

To borrow a description of May Lay from the internet:

“One word…., MAYLAY! Yes the seafood is fresh. Yes it is caught local. Yes the prices are reasonable and yes the view on the waterway is amazing, but if you are fortunate enough to find yourself seated at the outside bar and your bartender’s name is Maylay, you will receive the best service you’ll ever get ANYWHERE. She is witty, hard-working, insightful and high energy. You will never go without an empty drink for a single second and along with your tasty seafood you’ll get a show; a true demonstration of how the food industry is properly done. Every single time I go here is like the time before. Every single person I speak with who has been here and sat at the outside bar will ask if you had Maylay. Why? Because we all love her! It’s that personal touch that makes you feel like you are family and that you belong. Cheers to this amazing spirit and all she does in addition to this being just a super cool place to eat”.

Oysters, Blue crab bites, fried shrimp, flounder sandwiches, snow crab legs, just about anything you want. Casual, unpretentious, fairly priced, and you can even catch a ride in the golf cart to and from your car. Donations accepted.

Crab Catchers Steamed Shrimp

Crabcatchers steamed shrimp[2594].jpg

You have to try the Fried Corn!!

Laid back and lots of locals. You can also sit and wave at the forlorn faces as the gambling boats return from the ocean and must turn around in front of Crab Catchers.

Crabcatchewrs and boat on the water

Lots of downcast faces so throw up a hand and a nice greeting to hopefully help them forget the “Blazing 7s that came so close time and time again to funding an early retirement”. “I almost had it”!!

Open year round, if you want a local dive with atmosphere, you gotta go to Crab Catchers downtown in Little River. I’ll be honest though, I lived in Little River for over a year but never found the downtown. Just go to the gambling boats and walk south a couple of hundred yards until you can’t walk any further and look towards the water. You Got it.

And I have a shortcut to Little River from Robeson County and Elizabethtown that can save you time and money (for gas).


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