@cars June 24

June 24, 2018 What is Your Favorite Car that You Drove (Not test driven!!)

Post by John Rancke

It’s Sunday, June 24. I hope I’m still in Omaha. Course I may have been home for 3-4 days after elimination in the CWS. Maybe not. But I do know I am not the organized individual that Dan is. I can’t just pull something out of my files of stories yet told and go Voila.

So I’m writing this a week ago this past Wednesday (that would be June 13 for those that I confuse. Short and sweet one coming at you.

I love to drive. My little part time job gives me ample time behind the wheel and as I fly along the back-roads of NC from Warrenton to Pine Hall, I think back to cars I have driven over the years. Cars that either sat in my parent’s driveway or my own.

The list includes:

Wood paneled Kingswood Estate station wagon

Kingwood Estate

Chevy Vega (talk about something that could fly- 3 speed and with the hatchback)

65 Mustang

71 Datsun Z ( boy those things love to just rust out)

datsun Z
72 Datsun Z

1972 Datsun 240Z
Toyota Corona

77 Toyota
Oldsmobile Cutlass with a sunroof

Olds Cutlass
Mazda 626

78 Mustang (awful decision)

mustang 78
Honda Civic

honda civic
Honda Prelude (wide body- blew out the speakers playing Beverly Hills Cop Soundtrack

Honda prelude
Chevy Blazer (awful)

chevy blazer

Mazda 929

mazda 929
Ford Explorer (Eddie Bauer)

ford explorer
Mazda RX7

mazda rx7
Mazda Millennium

mazda millenia
Ford Ranger

ford ranger
Toyota Celicia convertible

toyota cellica
Toyota Camry

toyota 2007
Hyundai Elantra

Honda Accord (Saved my life when the tree fell on me)

honda accord
Toyota Avalon (Walked away from a rear end drive by)

Infiniti Q50

Infinity Q50

I have to say that out of all the cars, the Infiniti Q50 is my favorite car I have ever had and that’s after 2 Datsun Zs. Quick as greased lightening and will get up and go when you punch the accelerator. It works very well getting onto the busy highways around the Triangle. And driving winding country roads is like I’m in a car commercial with the music blaring and my white hair just flowing in the breeze.

I will buy another Infiniti. I see so many BMWs around the area and just can’t imagine the service charges with those things. I’m driving the next best thing to a European road car and for less money.

But let me tell you Audi is putting more and more cars on the roads. They look great and I have some friends that love them. But I love my Infiniti Q50!!

What about you? What’s your favorite car you or your family has owned and you drove.


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