#DaylightSavingTime November 4

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November 4, 2018 Daylight Savings Time Ends for 2018

Post by John Rancke

Ben Franklin was talking and writing about way before any of us had grandparents. His idea was creating the idea of Daylight Saving Time (DST). It didn’t happen in his lifetime but today is celebrated all over the World.


Here is a link to eight facts about DST

So today is the day to two things. 1) Turn your clocks back one hour which means more morning sun and darkness when you get off work at night. I’m not sure how it affects those that aren’t getting off work in the late afternoon. Things change a little bit when you retire!! and #2) Make sure you check those batteries in your smoke alarms.

The installation of Daylight Saving Time has resulted in many incidents over the years. It actually resulted in one man getting out of being drafted for Vietnam and another thwarted a major bombing attack in the Middle East.

Want to read about Daylight Saving Time incidents then click here

Keep the phrase in mind we FALL BACK and SPRING AHEAD with DST.

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