#Planning January 3

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Each year the blog takes on a different focus. In 2019 the goal is for each post to bring you the reader a lesson, quote, message, or story that can help you grow.

My intent is to have the posts written by others that I respect not just myself.

Don’t be quick to judge the people that come into your life

When I was a young assistant college basketball coach I heard a story that resonated with me. The story’s plot centered around a lack of planning. The decision not to plan and defer completing something important causes s _ _ t  to happen in the story.

When that s _ _ t happens various people and events often appear in our lives.

The story was about a sparrow that waited to long to fly south for the winter.

snow ice

The story is below.

Once upon a time, there was a nonconforming sparrow who decided not to fly south for the winter. However, soon the weather turned so cold that he reluctantly started southward. In a short time, ice began to form on his wings and he fell to earth in a barnyard, almost frozen. A cow passed by and crapped on the little sparrow. The sparrow thought it was the end. But then the manure warmed him and defrosted his wings. Warm and happy, able to breathe, he started to sing. Just then a large cat came by and hearing the chirping, investigated the sounds. The cat cleared away the manure, found the chirping sparrow and promptly ate him.

I often would use this story to help the young people I was coaching learn some valuable lessons.

I went searching for the story online and I found Sofo Archon has a blog called The Unbounded Spirit and had posted the story above along with his three takeaways-which he calls The Lesson of a Bird.

Sofo’s post had three lessons which have been paraphrased below:

  1. Everyone who brings you S _ _ T is not necessarily your enemy.
  2. Everyone who gets you out of S _ _ T is not necessarily your friend.
  3. If you’re warm and happy in a pile of S _ _ T, keep your mouth shut.

I have one other lessons the story teaches us

4. Planning is important -don’t wait to the last minute to address or take action on the priorities in your life. The lack of planning can get you in a lot of S _ _ T

Since this is the 3rd of the month I am continuing to recommend the blog of the month. Give Sofo and The Unbounded Spirit a look.

Click the link below to find previous Coach4aday Blogs of the Month

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