#Vibrations May 7

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This is a post where I will confess I am still learning on what I am about to write about. The concepts and possibilities are fascinating.

The topic is vibrations. When I hear the word VIBRATION I cannot help think of the cheap hotels I stayed in early in my coaching career that actually had vibrating beds. You paid 25 cents for 15 minutes of the bed vibrating and was advertised as “Magic Fingers”.

vibrating bed 2

What I have become fascinated with is reading about the “Law of Vibration”.

Simply put this is an explanation.

Everything existent within the universe vibrates. This is because everything within the universe consists energy.

I am going to confess that the “Law of Vibration” may not be held by all in the scientific community as factual as defined. It appears that some scientists take exception with the words but there does seem to universal acceptance to what is in the next paragraph.

Our universe is made up of matter. Matter consists of particles. The most familiar types of particles are electrons, neutrons, and protons. When these particles get combined they form atoms. When atoms combine they form molecules.

Molecules vibrate. Molecules that have just two atoms vibrate by simply moving closer together and then further apart. Molecules with 3 or more atoms can vibrate in more complex patterns. A single molecule can vibrate in various ways; each of these different motions is called a vibration “mode”.

So the law of vibration is where quantum physics and new-age thinking start to come together and made me ponder how it works and how it connects all things.

The law of vibration states everything vibrates. This includes what we see, hear, smell, touch, taste, and even our thoughts vibrate. As a human you could say we operate as vibration sensors but we have limits. We see colors but not all colors.  We hear sounds, but not all sounds. There are many vibrations that humans cannot detect.

Some examples can be found at this link. They include the possibility of birds detecting magnetic fields, snakes detecting infra red radiation, and dolphins ability to use echolocation.

The Law of Vibration then makes a leap to something called the Law of Attraction.

This Law of Attraction means that like attracts like. So similar vibrations or frequencies attract similar frequencies because their waves match.

Found lots of articles on Law of Attraction but this link has some step by step instructions

All of this is fascinating to me because it supports two beliefs I have about VIBRATIONS:

  1. I will not fully understand how everything works in this world including VIBRATIONS.
  2. I possess the belief that everything in the world was created by GOD which means it all is somehow tied together maybe by VIBRATIONS

Leave you with a song about Good Vibrations



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