#SongLyricSunday-See You Later Alligator December 6

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Song Lyric Sunday

This week our host Jim Adams for Song Lyric Sunday for has given us the prompt to write about the following animals Alligator/Crocodile/Lizard/Snake/Turtle. I had a bunch of songs pop into my head by various artists. Decisions -decisions-decisions for today’s Song Lyric Sunday.

I settled on a song written by a group that got there start in 1952 in Chester PA. This band is often credited with the distinction of being the first all-white group of musicians to bring Rock n’ Roll to the attention of mainstream America which is a nice way of saying white Americans.

The group scored nine top 20 hits from 1954 to 1956. One of the songs they released in 1956 was my choice. The band is Bill Haley & His Comets. My song for this week is “See You Later Alligator”.

The original members of this group were Bill Haley, pianist and accordion player Johnny Grande and steel guitarist Billy WilliamsonAl Thompson was the group’s first bass player, followed by Al Rex and Marshall Lytle.

 “See You Later, Alligator “was written in 1950 and first recorded by American singer-songwriter Bobby Charles who was born in Abbeville LA. The song became a Top Ten hit for Bill Haley & His Comets. Charles also wrote a big hit for Fats Domino called “Walking To New Orleans”

“See You Later Alligator” was a very popular catchphrase in the 1950’s. I stumbled on to a list of others from the 1950’s while researching this post including “Word From The Bird”. I also had to smile when I saw “Daddy-O” on a 1950’s list.

See You Later Alligator written by Bobby Charles

Well I saw my baby walkin’,
With another man today,
Well I saw my baby walkin’
With another man today.
When I asked her “What’s the matter?”
This is what I heard her say.

See you later alligator,
After ‘while, crocodile.
See you later alligator,
After ‘while, crocodile.

Can’t you see you’re in my way now?
Don’t you know you cramp my style?
When I thought of what she told me,
Nearly made me lose my head,
When I thought of what she told me,
Nearly made me lose my head.
But the next time that I saw her,
Reminded her of what she said.

Repeat Chorus
She said, “I’m sorry, pretty daddy,
You know my love is just for you. “
She said, “I’m sorry, pretty daddy,
You know my love is just for you,
Won’t you say that you’ll forgive me,
And say your love for me is true. “
I said, “Wait a minute, ‘gator,
I know you mean’t it just for play. “
I said, “Wait a minute, ‘gator,
I know you mean’t it just for play.
Don’t you know you really hurt me,
And this is what I have to say. “

Repeat Chorus
See you later alligator, after ‘while crocodile,
See you later alligator,
So long, that’s all,

Here is the video

Don’t be a drip Daddy-O and get out on the dance floor.

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