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Change-Point to the Destination

When you are trying to START something new it is very important to point out the destination. That destination needs to be very specific and clear. Don’t worry about the middle part of the journey it is probably going to be somewhat unpredictable. Look to START and keep focused on the destination. Advertisements

January 30-Heineken Light

  I am sampling another “light” beer out of Holland today. Heineken Light is okay Only one more day left in January and I hope I can find something special to end the month tomorrow. I will give Heineken credit their ads sometimes rival major movie studio productions. Link below

January 29-Harp Lager

  As bland as yesterday’s choice of Bud Light was today I enjoyed a pale lager that had some quality. The beer is from Ireland and is called Harp Lager it is 4.3% ABV which is comprable to American light beers but has a nice flavor. Harp is part of the Guiness Brewing Family

January 28-Bud Light

  There is nothing I can write about Bud Light that will be special except to say they spend lots of money on advertising. Since this is Super Bowl week we will probably see something from them during the game on Sunday. I have posted a link to some Bud Light Ads below. We are under a […]

January 27-Headwater Pale Ale

I am blessed that on my 1st anniversary my wife gave me a fridge that had been up fitted with a tap handle on the door and was ready to hold the keg of my choice (1st year of marriage that was dictated by a frugal budget). My beautiful wife is a talented dance instructor who actually bartered dance […]

Move away from Average-START changing your default settings

  I am convinced that humans come with default settings. Our default setting is average. Average is comfortable-average is familiar and often times you can do average on autopilot. That is why when you START something new it takes us out of that default setting. It takes us from being comfortable-it takes us from feeling […]

Courage-Craig Mullaney

I read a book last month called “The Unforgiving Minute” by Craig Mullaney. It is a great read and is the story of a man’s journey thru West Point, Rhodes Scholarship, and a Army Ranger. It is a military book filled with wonderful leadership lessons. The one I really liked was about what Craig learned […]

Running with Chicago

Tonight on my run I went ahead and listened to Chicago and since I work at a university the lyrics to the song Dialogue caught my attention. Are you optimistic ’bout the way things are going? No, I never ever think of it at all Don’t you ever worry When you see what’s going down? […]

January 26-Carta Blanca

  Went for a Sunday run before dinner. Pulled out a mexican beer that I had seen in local beer/wine shop but never had before. I am afraid that my first encounter with Carta Blanca will be my last. Flavorless and flat are my two best one word descriptors. Come on Mexico you are better […]

January 25-Erdinger Weissbier

Had Erdinger Weissbier on draft in a little hole in the wall establishment called “O”Donnell’s Pub” in Southern Pines, NC. Unbeknownst to me Erdinger is the largest producer of wheat beer in the world. If you are the world’s largest I guess you can find a way to a little dive bar in the Sandhills of North Carolina.  It […]

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