#Recap March 31

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In 2020 some Coach4aday posts will feature lessons learned by completing, planning, and experiencing 30 day challenges. The challenges include physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional.


My 30 Day Challenge for March was to read eight new books. I am happy to report mission accomplished. I finished the 8th book Mastery by Robert Greene yesterday just before 5:00 p.m.

In my March 1 post I listed the eight books I was going to read. So today’s post is a RECAP of what I learned.

I am going to first say that on March 1st I did not see “Social Distancing” on the horizon. To be honest it wasn’t until Tuesday March 10th that I decided I was limiting my interactions with other people. The lemonade I made with the lemon called CORID-19 was more time to read.

To read two books a week I had to make reading a daily habit of at least 90 minutes. It was challenging but the weirdness of having to stay at home made it a little easier.

March Book Challenge

Here is a brief RECAP and lesson(s) I got from each book I read.

Jesus by Max Lucado

This book was part of a Lenten Book Study at First Presbyterian Church Lumberton NC . I loved it and it galvanized a lot of spiritual beliefs for me. To study the life of Jesus as a human and what he experienced was a fascinating perspective.

The Gig Economy by Diane Mulcahy

I have already loaned this book out and I highly recommend it for anyone whose job is being impacted by COVID-19. The book serves as a guide for how to navigate your economic future. The book constantly makes references that you should not focus on securing a job but look to leverage your skills. I will say that this book has helped me immensely.

EntreLeader by Dave Ramsey

This book covers a whole lot of what a small business owner needs to know. There were numerous times while reading this book that I just nodded my head and realized Dave Ramsey understood what it takes. He offers up some great insights on the importance of integrity and trust in a team. His methods on interviewing and inclusion of spouse and family were unique. 

Mastery by Robert Greene

As I read this book I realized what a fantastic book this would be for a young leader. He emphasizes the importance of an apprenticeship and mentor in learning to be come a master. The author tells us about so many people who did not take a straight linear path to mastery of their gifts. The stories of successful people who utilized apprenticeships and mentors kept me engrossed. In the late stages of the book he talks about how our society demonizes practice but to become a master at anything it is required. Read this book.

Rising Strong by Brene Brown

Brene Brown in this book uses her own struggles to teach the readers how to reset your life when you encounter intense emotional issues. I loved some of the concepts that she talks about. How we learn how to “lean in” to the difficulties of our lives is one example. How she learned to write a “Sh_ _ _ Y First Draft” on any event in her life. This always happens when you do not have data to make a decision just emotion. That draft gives us a way to “lean in”. Loved this book and I need much practice on her lessons. Brene Brown was featured on 60 Minutes on Sunday March 29, 2020

Leaders Eat Last by Simon Sinek

Another book I loved. So many takeaways but the role that brain chemicals play in our lives was eye opening. The book addresses two big questions. 1. Who are the leaders we should follow? 2. How does the world get separated into leaders and followers. One note situations can turn followers into leaders and vice a versa. The big takeaway for me is that leaders make their teams feel SAFE.

The Back Roads to March by John Feinstein

This was my wildcard book and I am indebted to Brad Allen for gifting it to me. As a former basketball coach with most of it spent on the small college or low Division I level I loved the way John Feinstein described the passion of coaches at that level during the 2018/19 season. He had a way of capturing of the absolute agony of losing that coaches experience. He described the challenges that coaches in places like Hamilton NY, Buies Creek NC, and Farmville VA had in recruiting players. Loved the book.

Gung Ho by Ken Blanchard

This was a book that was given to me by Dale Carder almost seven years ago. It had sat on my bookshelf. The book is guidance on how a leader can turn his employees into fans. It is a fantastic story about a plant manager and one of her employees. Gung Ho My Friend.

Loved this 30 Day Challenge and tomorrow it is off to a new one. 






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  2. […] March it was a goal to read 8 new books. I accomplished that but for April my pace has dropped off to two books. Jeff Neelon was a partner in this challenge also. […]

  3. […] March it was a goal to read 8 new books. I accomplished that but for April my pace has dropped off to two books. Jeff Neelon was a partner in this challenge also. […]

  4. […] 2020-The 3rd 30 Day Challenge of the year involved reading. I set a goal to read 8 books in one month. That meant reading two a week. I was able to take the new concept of home confinement from COVID […]

  5. […] 2020-The 3rd 30 Day Challenge of the year involved reading. I set a goal to read 8 books in one month. That meant reading two a week. I was able to take the new concept of home confinement from COVID […]

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